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Ahoy there, my swashbuckling matey’s! Prepare to walk the plank, solve riddles and seek treasure but not as you imagine. Step aboard The Nine Sails but hold on tight as there are many twists and turns set to throw you overboard, just as you would expect from a story built on lying, thieving pirates!

About the book:

Kintana and the Captain’s Curse is a modern pirate tale filled with natural beauty and wonder. Pirate Island, where Kintana and her retired pirate turned pet shop owner pa reside, is where The Nine Sails berths. Kintana has listened eagerly to stories of life at sea her whole life, now an opportunity to join the motley crew as a cabin boy has arisen.

Things quickly turn rotten onboard The-Nine-Sails, as someone seems intent on sabotaging the voyage. Is talk of the Captain’s Curse to blame, or are more sinister motions at play? The-Nine-Sails swiftly return to Pirate Island.

The journey has only just begun when Kintana soon realises that stories don’t compare to the adventure that is unravelling before her.

Kintana and the Captain’s Curse is perfect for Treasure Island fans: built on exotic animals, stunning coastlines and historical events, making it the perfect adventure story for 8-12year olds.

From the author:

Twitter: @suebmuseum
Hi! I’m Susan Brownrigg. 
I write historical adventures for children aged 8 to 12.
My new children’s book, Kintana and the Captain’s Curse, is a treasure hunt adventure set in Madagascar during the ‘Golden Age’ of Piracy. 

Reviewed for uclan publishing.

Released 1st July 2021

ISBN: 9781912979561


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