Ahoy there, my swashbuckling matey’s! Prepare to walk the plank, solve riddles and seek treasure but not as you imagine. Step aboard The Nine Sails but hold on tight as there are many twists and turns set to throw you overboard, just as you would expect from a story built on lying, thieving pirates! AboutContinue reading “KINTANA and the CAPTAIN’S CURSE”

The StrangeWorlds Travel Agency

Fans of Narnia and The Lost Magician rejoice, this magical filled adventure is like no other. Hidden worlds explored through suitcases – this book, by author L.D.Lapinski is the perfect addition for portal story topics. It was…sort of beautiful. Like a book that’s been read so many times the cover has filled off and theContinue reading “The StrangeWorlds Travel Agency”

All Aboard!

Adventures on Trains: The Highland Falcon Thief I thoroughly enjoyed going on a fact-finding adventure aboard The Highway Falcon, a locomotive on its final royal voyage. Hal, who reluctantly joins his travel-writer uncle, finds more than he anticipated when he is thrown into the role of unveiling a jewel thief. Brimming with twists and turns,Continue reading “All Aboard!”

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